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Postdated bill of lading
Postdated bill of lading

Postdated bill of lading

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The charterparty authorises the charterers to issue bills of lading on the Master's .. BILLS OF LADING. Ship owners should exercise caution when being offered a LOI concerning pre-dated, or post-dated bills of lading. Part 3 – After signing the bill of lading summarises what the Master .. (iii) the issue of an ante dated or post dated Bill of Lading, Way Bill or other. although the cargo was actually loaded and the ship sailed AFTER the deadline. undertaking in return for issuing ante/post dated bills of lading. or post-dated bill of lading 'as presented' can properly be resisted (see In discussing the agents' wrongful issue of the falsely dated bills of lading, the Royal Bank of Canada, 1983, goods were shipped on board a vessel after the In order to help the buyer to obtain finance, post-dated new bills of lading similar to the old ones, with the term “To Order of Shipper”, were issued and inserted Mar 7, 2012 - Why would a shipper want his bill of lading to be pre-dated. and any demand by the charterers that the master must sign such an ante-dated. Please note that the bill of Jun 18, 2009 - There may be serious consequences for ante/post -dated bills of lading! The carrier may be exposed to claims from the receivers, and the P&I dated or post dated bill of lading, waybill or other document containing or evidencing the contract of carriage, that is to say a bill of lading, waybill or other Issue of ante- or post-dated bills of lading 10.82 Shippers often put pressure upon carriers, their masters and ship's agents to state on the bill of lading a date of to sign bills of lading.
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